UBC Science Co-Op


Barbara Seredick

Barbara Seredick is a Life Science Co-op coordinator at the University of British Columbia and is passionate about helping students gain critical experience to propel their careers forward.   Prior to joining UBC Barbara worked for over 15 years in both academia and the Life Sciences industry.  Barbara began her career working in Research & Development (R&D),  grew her career into R & D leadership and later moved into roles in Business & Marketing.  In 2019 Barbara returned to her alma-mater, the University of British Columbia, so she could make an impact on the lives of young scientists, helping guide them as they transitioned to their first roles in a scientific workplace. 

Hebah Hussaina

Hebah Hussaina is a fifth-year Integrated Sciences student studying neurobiology, psychology, and public health with a minor in anthropology. With a keen interest in clinical research, Hebah completed her full 16 months of co-op in the Doan Lab at BC Children’s Hospital. As a research assistant, she was responsible for assisting in the coordination and management of the various studies recruiting out of the pediatric emergency department. She also worked as an event coordinator, planning a pediatric mental health event helping to bridge community champions for mental health and primary care givers. Hebah enjoys pilates and yoga, volunteering, and simply reading a nice book with a hot cup of green tea!

Charu Sankaran 

Charu Sankaran is a 5th-year Integrated Sciences student in Molecular Biology and Immunology. She recently finished the Co-op program and spent 8 months at the Terry Fox Labs in the BC Cancer Research Centre studying CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy and 8 months at the University of Calgary studying Prion Diseases.

 Janice Pang

Janice Pang is a fourth-year Integrated Sciences student focusing on molecular biology and immunology. At an early age, she became intrigued about immunology and molecular biology and its connection to understanding disease pathogenesis and developing novel therapeutics. Previously, her research projects focused on inflammation and biomarker discovery in type 2 diabetes. Her early research projects received top honours at the Canada-Wide Science Fair and ranked fourth in the world for biomedical sciences at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. She is the recipient of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre Charles Hollenberg Summer and Lunenfeld Summer Studentship from the University of Toronto and SickKids Hospital, respectively. Recently, she explored the field of therapeutic antibodies and membrane proteins as an undergrad co-op and Mitacs Scholar at Amgen. She looks to pursue graduate school to develop expertise in fields related to metabolic and inflammatory diseases, structure-based protein design and therapeutic development.