Our Vision

Life Sciences Research Night (LSRN) is an annual event aimed towards educating and inspiring undergraduate students about the world of opportunity available in research.

We welcome students of all academic backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are curious about opportunities after graduation, would like to learn about current research happening at UBC, or are eager to #getintoresearch yourself, you’ll find what you’re looking for at LSRN.

Meet the 2018 keynote speaker 

Dr. Claudia Krebs

When Dr. Krebs experienced the struggles medical students have with complex materials her neuroanatomy classroom, she explored innovative ways to address these struggles. She took the basic concept of a blended learning environment, which allowed her to distill complex neuroanatomical functional relationships into 10-minute video clips. 

The fear of neuroanatomy or neuroscience has been coined “neurophobia” and Dr. Krebs has been working with her team to provide easily accessible and understandable resources for students to overcome this apprehension.

Dr. Krebs has developed similar high quality resources for Head and Neck anatomy and is currently in the process of developing more for all aspects of human anatomy. Of particular note is the fact that all of these resources are being developed in interprofessional teams including all health professions and with undergraduate students as co-producers.

The organizers

LSRN is a collaborative effort.

Life Sciences Research Night is a collaboration between URO and several clubs at UBC, each bringing unique expertise along with the funding necessary to make the event a success.

THE students who made this possible

Meet our Committee

Ali Byford

URO | Co-Chair of LSRN Planning Committee

Maya Liepert

URO | Co-Chair of LSRN Planning Committee

Angela Yu

URO | Student Engagement Committee

Harshil Puchooa

URO | Student Engagement Committee

Jas Chauhan

URO | Student Engagement Committee

Lily Yang

URO | Student Engagement Committee

Sami Rahman

URO | Student Engagement Committee

Christy Chow

URO | Co-Chair of Marketing, Branding and Sponsorship

Michelle Yuan

URO | VP Internal

Janelle Cheung

BPP | Communications Representative

Ho-Young Jung

BPP | Conference Coordinator

Tyler Tam

MISA | Academic Representative

Matthew Tester

MISA | VP External

Mel Ko

BIOSOC | VP External

Sukhman Bhuller

CMSSA | House Representative

Leo Huang

SUS Representative

Omran Safi

CSS | VP External Arts

Gabrielle Lardner

CSS | VP External Science

Emma Martin

ISSA Representative

Adam Mesa

UBC Cancer Association
Undergraduate Research Opportunities

URO’s objective is to connect undergraduate students with multi-disciplinary research opportunities. We offer programs, events, and various research-related services. Our goal is to help all students, no matter their experience level or faculty. Whether it’s getting a foot in the door, finding a summer lab job, or getting a manuscript published, we’re here to help! 

Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology Club

BPP is a student run organization, committed in informing students about disciplines of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology, which are the fundamental basis of medicine. The club provides exam packages and events to promote the three majors. Feel free to message us on facebook if you have any questions about our events or the three majors: Biochemistry, Pharmacology and or Physiology (CAPs).

Join us on Facebook or visit our website.

UBC Cognitive Systems Society

The Cognitive Systems Society is a student-run organization at the University of British Columbia supporting students in the COGS program, and those with an interest in COGS-related fields such as neuroscience, artificial intelligence, human-computer interfaces, and robotics.

Join us on Facebook, visit our program’s website, or email us at cogsubc (at) gmail.com

UBC Biological Sciences Society

The UBC Biological Sciences Society (BIOSOC) is a student run organization that has been continuously growing for decades. We always strive to provide resources to students in all years of their undergraduate studies that will further their education and career paths, while holding social events that will allow both students and staff a chance to meet outside a classroom setting.

Learn more → 

Microbiology and Immunology Student Association

The Microbiology and Immunology Student Association provides social, academic and fundraising events for Microbiology and Immunology students. We also participate in UBC REC events and run intramural teams.

Feel free to message our Facebook page if you have any questions related to MISA or M&I in general or send us an email at ubcmisa.contact@gmail.com!

Integrated Sciences Student Association

The UBC Integrated Sciences Student Association is dedicated to bringing Integrated Science students a rewarding social experience as well as provide available resources to any prospective Integrated Science students. We are hard at work, year-round, bringing you study groups, outings, and parties. Integrated Science students work hard, so it is up to us to help you unwind!

Combined Major in Science Student Association

 Bringing together CMS (Combined Major in Science) students to fully define ourselves as a major through social, academic, and research events.

UBC Science Undergraduate Society 

The Science Undergraduate Society (or SUS for short) is not just your UBC Science student government, but so much more. Look out for the cool events that’ll be coming up!

UBC Cancer Association

One in three Canadians will hear the words “you have cancer” at some point during their life. But cancer doesn’t need to be a life-changing moment for that person and their family. Join us in fundraising in the fight against cancer, raising awareness, and creating a community around cancer at UBC. Open to everyone regardless of faculty, age, or experience. 

Join us on Facebook or visit our website.

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