Honours Thesis and Directed Studies


Tina Kia 

Tina is a 5th year student finishing up her degree in Integrated Science (Immunology and Physiology). She did her directed studies as an extension of her NSERC project in Kevan Jacobson’s lab at BC Children’s Hospital. She was examining the role of gut microbiota in a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease. She went on to complete a 12-month co-op at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Ana Ivkov

Hi, I’m Ana! I just finished my B.Sc. in Honours Behavioural Neuroscience and I’m currently at UBC Sauder School of Business doing the Master of Management program. I was involved in research for most of my undergrad, from the REX program to working on my honours theses in third and fourth year at the Infant Studies Centre and Language Development Centre. My work has been in the field of infant language development, with a focus on baby neuroimaging, bilingualism, and infant cognition. As an honours student, I got to spend the last two years of my degree immersed in research with passionate, like-minded individuals, as well as to deepen my knowledge and research skills. I’m excited to answer any of your questions about the honours experience!

Rocio Hollman 

Hi! My name is Rocio Hollman and I am a 2020 CAPS graduate. I did my directed studies in Dr. Loewen’s lab working on developing a functionalization assay for PTEN mutants, and my honours thesis in Dr. Bamji’s lab investigating palmitoylating enzyme Zdhhc6’s role in the hippocampus. I’m currently a Master’s student in the Neuroscience program at UBC in Dr. Bamji’s lab working on studying palmitoylation in the brain. In my spare time I love to do triathlons and paint!