General Research Opportunities


Laveniya Kugathasan

 I recently graduated from UBC’s BSc Pharmacology Program and am currently working with medical & radiation oncologists at BC Cancer to investigate treatment outcomes of specific cancer therapies. During my undergrad, I was keen to get involved in research early on in my academic career. I participated in URO’s REX Program in my first year, received studentships in subsequent summers to work on ophthalmology research projects, and also participated in UBC’s co-op program. One of my main goals was to experience research in both academia and industry, and also explore basic, translational, and clinical research before my undergrad ended. In my free time, I enjoy hiking around beautiful BC and exploring the “hipster” cafes Vancouver has to offer!

Neall Struwig

 Hello, my name is Neall Struwig. Currently, I am doing my master’s in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto. However, I studied Honours Biophysics at UBC. My research experience at UBC went as follows. I got into research by job shadowing a cardiologist, who recommended that I volunteer at his lab, SportsCardiologyBC. This experience helped me get a research assistant position at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) in the department of Rheumatology. The position was a part of co-op, so I spent about a year at BCCH. During my time at BCCH, I learned a lot about Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and what it means to conduct clinical research. My next research endeavor was writing my thesis. My research revolved around finding functional brain networks in human patients. This meant I analyzed MRI data to find statistically significant results.

Michelle Yuan

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